Client: REcentre, Wallonie Design ASBL, Z33, Bureau Europa/NAiM, Limburg.net
Period: End of 2009 – December 2010
Website: drinkraantjeswater

A design of porcelain with a clear reference to the (Limburg) water towers.

drinKraantjeswater is a campaign organised by the Province of Limburg, Limburg.net and BBL to stimulate the consummation of tap water. The main target groups were households, restaurants and schools.

gitzwart organised a design competition for a sustainable water carafe which was won by Hegge ID.

Five selected designers participated: Gorissen & Deponti,

Hegge ID, Jan Hoekstra, Linde Hermans and Jean-François D’Or.

A professional jury consisting of journalists and policymakers indicated the carafe of Hegge ID as the winning design.

The design was produced in limited edition. The carafe was

sold and distributed during the campaign.